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How Am I Doing? 40 Conversations to Have With Yourself

Dr. Corey Yeager, psychotherapist for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons and most recently featured on Oprah and Prince Harry's The Me You Can't See on Apple TV+, offers you 40 questions to help you raise awareness of your thoughts and emotions and reconnect with who you want to be. Each of the 40 questions is paired with a short, thoughtful reflection from Dr. Yeager, along with prompts and self-care strategies to help you look at yourself in the mirror and come into alignment with who you want to be.

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I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts ON SALE 1.17.23

From television actress, Broadway star, and New York Times bestselling author Kristin Chenoweth comes I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts, an inspiring high-design, colorful book featuring philosophical-ish musings on connection, creativity, loss, love, faith, and closure. You'll be inspired to develop your own life philosophies, as you journey through some of Kristin's most vulnerable and humorous personal stories, in her constant pursuit to make the most out of life.

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BYE, I Quit: Snarkspiration for Surviving Your Job (Until You Just Can’t Anymore) ON SALE: 3.14.23

The perfect blend of satire and encouragement to help you find meaning and humor to get through the workday. If you have had a recent epiphany about quitting your job or know someone who has, this fully illustrated, meme-worthy guidebook offers the inspiration needed to keep your chin up and tap into what really matters in life. 

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Harper Celebrate is the gift book imprint under HarperCollins Focus.  Through superior design and sophisticated detail, Harper Celebrate creates a visually striking experience to uplift and beautifully celebrate the people, occasions, interests, and gifts in reader's lives.

Harper Celebrate will publish projects such as daily readers, lifestyle books on topics like hospitality, home decorating, organization, and crafting, journals, photography-driven books and anthologies, poetry, mindfulness, and occasion-focused books such as holiday celebrations, graduation, and gifts for special persons. It is scheduled to release its first titles in Fall 2022.

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