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Food to Die For: Recipes and Stories from America's Most Legendary Haunted Places

Discover tantalizing recipes, spine-tingling stories, and historic photos from the most notoriously haunted locations across America in this fun and fascinating cookbook. Paranormal investigator and Kindred Spirits co-host Amy Bruni leads you through eerie hotels, haunted homes, hellish hospitals, and spooky ghost towns, giving you stories and a recipe from each place.

Whether you're in the mood for Lizzie Borden's meatloaf or want to serve up spooky prison stories along with sugar cookies from Alcatraz, Food to Die For is your guide to ghoulish gastronomy.

One of America's favorite ghost hunters, Amy Bruni takes you to mysterious hotels, eerie ghost towns, and possessed pubs in this delightfully sinister collection of stories and recipes. Each of the nearly 60 locations in Food to Die For includes:

  • Vintage photographs and charmingly creepy stories rooted in history
  • A noteworthy recipe associated with the people or place
  • Full-color, captivating, and hauntingly styled food photos to inspire a killer kitchen experience

This terrifyingly tasty cookbook will bewitch anyone who:

  • Has a taste for the paranormal and a hunger to try new foods
  • Loves history, travel, and culinary curiosities
  • Enjoys entertaining guests in unique and memorable ways
  • Would get goosebumps making a recipe written 300 years ago

History buffs, thrill-seekers, and foodies will all get shivers seeing the past come to life with every enchanted recipe and delicious tale from Food to Die For.


What Others Are Saying

“Bona fide professional paranormal researcher Bruni, a go-to source for reality TV programs, gathers 50 or so U.S. places that have earned the sobriquet haunted, providing ghoulish details plus a recipe or two from each site.”



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Amy Bruni, co-star and Executive Producer of the hit paranormal series “Kindred Spirits”, calls upon over 20 years of investigation experience to help people reclaim their homes and lives from the mysteries of the unknown. Amy’s passion for helping others comes together with her love for paranormal exploration as she rejoins her partner in crime, Adam Berry, and forms a paranormal powerhouse aimed at helping families in crisis find answers from the world beyond the veil.

Prior to “Kindred Spirits”, Amy was a star of SYFY’s popular paranormal program, “Ghost Hunters”. Joining the cast in 2008, Amy traveled the country exploring the most haunted locations in America while working as the team’s historical researcher to give identity to the long forgotten spirits they encountered during their travels. After seven exciting years with the show, Amy exited to focus on her growing family and start her own paranormal travel company, “Strange Escapes”.

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