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Bye I Quit cover

Resign yourself to the great resignation and just say "bye." BYE, I Quit is a blend of satire and encouragement to help you find meaning and humor to get through the workday. If you have had a recent epiphany about quitting your job or know someone who has, this fully illustrated, meme-worthy guidebook offers the inspiration needed to keep your chin up and tap into what really matters in life. (Spoiler: it's not your job).

Sample entries include:

  • Affirmations that you are more than just your job
  • Meditations to keep you focused during your 8 a.m. meeting
  • A flowchart to determine if you should send that passive-aggressive email
  • Mantras for when you’re burnt out Humorous illustrations of all the little things that bug you at work (seafood in the microwave, anyone?)
  • Step-by-step guides for getting motivated or having a really good Friday
  • Inspirational quotes to help you connect to your true passion and purpose

Equal parts hopeful and snarky—okay, fine, it's actually mostly snarky—BYE, I Quit is a great source of inspiration (snarkspiration!) for anyone who dreams of quiet quitting or leaving their job altogether and finding the elusive work-life balance. Also perfect for anyone who just can't stand the hours of nine to five anymore.