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Cultivate Better Mental Health With Nature

Turn to the Sun guides you down a nourishing path of uplifting affirmations, soul-refreshing meditations, and lush botanical photography that helps you heal in the company of nature. Approach your days with less anxiety, renewed vigor, and a deeper sense of well-being as you become grounded and soak up nature's restorative qualities.

Whether you live in an urban jungle, on a suburban cul-de-sac, or at the edge of a national forest, you might find yourself more connected to technology than to nature. In the midst of the pings and rings of a device-dependent life, is getting close to nature even possible—or worth it?

Wellness coach and the founder of Pause with Plants Brittany Gowan shows you how slowing down, unplugging, and connecting with the natural world is not only possible and absolutely worth it, but also essential. Brittany creates a reflective experience enhanced by plants that helps you find the calm and tranquility you crave.

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About the author

Brittany Gowan

Brittany Gowan is a stress management coach, author and photographer. She views each through a nature-centered lens. Brittany holds an MS in psychology and an executive coaching certification. Brittany lives in New York City.

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