23 November

Blink Blog: Thanksgiving Traditions and Memories

It’s Thanksgiving week and we couldn’t resist asking some of our Blink authors to share their traditions for this time of year! Read below to see what they have to share about Thanksgiving traditions, Black Friday, and setting up the Christmas tree.

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Jonathan Friesen: Cheat, nap, repeat. You all likely say “eat,” but as a vegetarian, I honestly should say “cheat.” Thanksgiving is my only meat day. When real turkey touches my mouth, it’s kind of a big deal!

Evangeline Denmark: Regardless of whether we’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or going to a family member’s house, I will underestimate the time I need to prepare whatever I’m preparing. Every year I end up mashing potatoes in my pajamas at T minus 15 minutes, so I guess that means it’s a tradition.

Lorie Langdon: Thanksgiving Day parade! I love seeing the Broadway cast performances and all the colorful floats. For me, it begins the Christmas season! Then I make my famous Sweet Potato Casserole and we drive to my in-laws (three miles from our house!) for the traditional turkey with all the fixings!

Stephanie Morrill: We are lucky enough to live in town with my parents and my husband’s parents, and we rotate hosting duties each year. Everyone contributes to the meal, and other than when I inevitably get stressed out while I’m making gravy, the day is really relaxing and joyous. It’s my favorite holiday.

Christina June: We split holidays between my family and my husband’s family.  The most important part of Thanksgiving for me is the pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream, which we have in both locations.

Black Friday shopper… yes or no?

Jonathan Friesen: No. Shopping makes me crazy. Period. I do like driving around on Black Friday and watching other people act crazy. Somehow that makes me feel more normal.

Evangeline Denmark: No, I can do crazy at home all by myself.

Lorie Langdon: Maybe…I sometimes go out to one or two stores with my mom and then we go to lunch and a movie. This year, though, I may be staying in to watch the new GILMORE GIRLS episodes on Netflix!

Stephanie Morrill: Definitely not. I like spending the Friday after Thanksgiving in my slippers decorating for Christmas.

Christina June: I value my sleep too much.  I do enjoy Cyber Monday though.

When do you put up your Christmas tree? Before or after Thanksgiving?

Jonathan Friesen: Our Christmas tree always goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving. This is too early for my wife, and too late for me. I’d leave the bugger up all year if I could.

Evangeline Denmark: After Thanksgiving. Our tree is 12 feet tall and requires two ladders and several days to put up. And every year my husband reminds me that just because something—like a 12 foot Christmas tree—is on sale does not mean I have to buy it.

Lorie Langdon: Usually after. I like to keep my pretty pumpkin decorations and fall scented candles out through November. But then I leave the Christmas tree up until mid to late January. Ohio winters are cold and bleak, so I like to stretch Christmas out as long as possible!

Stephanie Morrill: After. We buy real trees, so we can’t get them too early or they get a bit crispy by the 25th.

Christina June: Definitely after.