30 November

Blink Blog: What's On Your Christmas List?

Christmas is just a few weeks away and some of our Blink authors are sharing what’s on their Christmas list this holiday season…

Jonathan Friesen:  Yes. Santa, I would like Unfolding to be chosen by Oprah, translated into 204 languages and become a major motion picture starring … someone major. Too much? Okay. How about one of those three things? No? Then I really need some new socks.

Evangeline Denmark:  A kitten. Must be gray. Must be named Neville.

Lorie Langdon: Umm…books, of course! I always give my husband and sons a list of books I want. Last year my youngest son surprised me with an illustrated copy of Harry Potter that he bought at the school book fair with his own money. He kept it a secret from everyone until Christmas morning and then told me he got it from Santa. It’s a memory I’ll never forget!

Stephanie Morrill: Well, I’m a nerd. I have a long list of research books that I want for writing novels. And the house we live in was built in the 1960s and still has some of its original charm. So I keep asking for gifts that involve my husband having to work, like new light fixtures or new blinds.

Christina June: I prefer to listen to Pandora and Spotify holiday music stations, but I am looking forward to checking out the new Leslie Odom, Jr. holiday album.

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