21 September

Author Spotlight: Annie Sullivan

As we celebrate the release of A Curse of Gold this week, we are featuring a special interview with author Annie Sullivan. Learn more about her new release below – and stay tuned for Part II coming later this week.

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Congratulations on the publication of your new book! What does it feel like to have A Curse of Gold in the world?

It feels amazing! Writing a sequel is an entirely different experience, but I love where Princess Kora’s story goes in this novel. There’s so much adventure, magic, and adventure. I’m just so glad readers and fans finally get to go on this new adventure with Princess Kora as she tries to break the curse of the touch of gold.

How would you describe A Curse of Gold to someone who is interested in reading it?

A Curse of Gold is a young adult fairytale retelling and is the sequel to A Touch of Gold. It follows the cursed daughter of King Midas as she sets out to end the curse of the golden touch that still impacts her and her father. Along the way, she encounters Greek gods, gorgons (like Medusa), and more as she fights to save her kingdom. It’s a fun book full of high seas adventure, Greek mythology, and a little bit of romance. It’s perfect for fans of Cinder, Kiss of Deception, and Percy Jackson.

What was your inspiration for A Curse of Gold?

The story was actually inspired by both the original King Midas myth and the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. I started thinking about all the cursed gold in that movie and how they had to collect and transport it all, which led to me thinking about cursed gold…which led me to King Midas. But I like writing about strong female characters, so I looked at the story from his daughter’s point of view because in the original myth, her father turns her to gold. So in my version, she’ been turned back into a living, breathing human being, but she has some lasting side effects from being turned to gold—like the ability to turn things to gold. So ti was all really about exploring her story and how being turned to gold would change her life.  

What do you hope readers take away from this new release? 

The world can be a very scary, depressing place, and I want readers to be able to escape into the world I create and come out of it a little bit more hopeful, a little bit more sure of themselves, and a little bit more ready to overcome the obstacles in their own lives—just like the characters in my books do.