Blink inspires and equips YA readers to lead lives of significance, integrity, and purpose through true stories and fiction that blend imaginative and exciting storytelling and are always uplifting and captivating.

What does \"Clean\" Young Adult Mean?

Here at Blink Young Adult Books, we publish clean young adult fiction and nonfiction. Every so often we have a reader ask us what "clean" means. It certainly isn't meant to be the opposite of "dirty," and it also isn't meant to imply that the content doesn't tackle tough topics.

Clean YA comes in all shapes and sizes—fantasy, contemporary, historical, and even thrillers. It deals with real-life issues, whether that's overcoming a loss, facing a challenge, or finding where you fit in the world. While the characters in clean YA are not perfect, they reflect how real people deal with real issues as they grow and change.

But the content in clean YA is accessible to teen readers. You won’t find swearing, violence, or sex in our clean YA books, and depictions of drug and alcohol use are limited.

Blink brings inspiring true stories and heartwarming fiction to YA readers. The literature published by Blink continues a tradition of imaginative and exciting storytelling that tackles real-world issues and challenges in a realistic way while maintaining a standard of wholesome content. Readers will see themselves in many facets of Blink's literature and will find new levels of entertainment that enrich and uplift