22 July

Blink Authors: What has been inspiring you lately?

Summer break may be halfway over but we still have more summer fun with our Blink authors! Curious what has been inspiring them lately? Keep reading!

Lorie Langdon: Music…always music. Some of the songs on my current writing playlist that are inspiring me are: If I Can’t Love Her by from the Beauty and the Beast Broadway production. Love’s To Blame by for King & Country. Lost Boy by Ruth B.

Jonathan Friesen: Tattoos on the Heart. It’s a series of stories from the gang-filled streets of LA. I read out of this book almost every day. It is so real, so authentic, so painful, so heartwarming … just buy it and read it.

Carol Lynch Williams: I’ve been watching you have television show that I quite like. That’s dark and all murdery. I’ve wanted to write a murder mystery for a good long time and I finally, finally have an idea. This television show has sort of inspired me on a way to write this newest novel.

Evangeline DenmarkMusic! Lately it’s been Night Riots, The Fray, and Fall Out Boy. Teens! I’m often inspired by the teens I know and meet. I’m amazed at the level of creativity young people seem to have. Wish I could make it into a magic potion!

Luke Reynolds: My 7th grade students. Ice cream. Great movies.

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