26 July

Blink Authors: Favorite Summer Activities

Curious what the Blink authors enjoy doing in the summer other than reading and writing?? Keep reading for the full scoop!

Besides writing and reading, what are some of your favorite summer activities?

Lorie Langdon: Hiking, Going to Festivals, cook-outs with friends.

Evangeline Denmark: taking my foodie son to farmer’s markets

Jonathan Friesen: Car washes. I absolutely love car washes. No touch, of course. I could sit in my car in a car wash for an hour, watching the sudsy, foamy soap and the fierce sheets of warm water race up my windshield. And the power driers? Almost a religious experience.

Luke Reynolds: Running, bike riding, pancakes, and dancing.

Carol Lynch Williams: I love to work in the yard as long as it’s not too hot. I love to visit with my friends. I love to sing karaoke with my daughters and dance with them, too.