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How Am I Doing? Dr. Corey Yeager


Each of the 40 questions is paired with a short, thoughtful reflection from Dr. Yeager, along with prompts and self-care strategies to help you look at yourself in the mirror and come into alignment with you who want to be.

Dr. Corey Yeager

Meet dr. corey yeager

Best known for his appearance on Harry and Oprah's The Me You Can't See on Apple TV+, Dr. Corey Yeager is a licensed marriage and family therapist at the Doctoral level.

In his current role as the Psychotherapist for the Detroit Pistons, Corey is working within the merging of his two passions, athletics and therapy. In this role, Dr. Yeager supports players, coaching staff, and front office leadership in his conscientious, relational fashion.

Outside of the NBA, some of his clients include The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), The Smithsonian Institute, The Gersh Agency, and Lola Red.

Dr. Yeager holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University, a Master of Arts degree in Psychotherapy from Argosy University, and a PhD in Family Social Science from The University of Minnesota.

Dr. Yeager currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife, Carrie, and four sons, Izaiah, Zach, Azrie, and Terrance.