29 September

The Courageous Life of Navy SEAL Michael A. Monsoor Is Celebrated in New Book, Defend Us in Battle: The True Story of MA2 Navy SEAL Medal of Honor Recipient Michael A. Monsoor, Coming from Harper Horizon on November 8, 2022

When US Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor sacrificed his life by throwing his body on a live grenade to save his comrades during Operation Iraqi Freedom, he inspired thousands around the world and reminded us that freedom is never free.

On September 29, 2006, Michael Monsoor and three SEAL snipers watched vigilantly for enemy activity from their rooftop post in Ar Ramadi, Iraq. When a grenade thrown from insurgents bounced off Michael’s chest, he could have escaped. Instead, he threw himself onto the live grenade, shielding his fellow soldiers from the immediate explosion. Michael died thirty minutes later, having made the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, on the anniversary of the day that Michael gave his life, Harper Horizon announces the release of the compelling biography that highlights his legacy.

Defend Us in Battle is cowritten by Michael’s father George Monsoor, who is himself a Marine veteran, and Rose Rea. It also includes a foreword by Dr. Donald C. Winter, former Secretary of the Navy. Through interviews, military documents, and eyewitness accounts, the authors detail Michael’s remarkable military career and devotion to God and others. The book highlights how Michael prepared for this selfless act all his life—a life that will inspire readers to have a similar generosity of heart.

Michael grew up a quiet boy in California, but his childhood of asthma and being bullied made him a staunch defender of justice and passionate about never quitting. It was because of that passion that he achieved his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL and saved numerous lives throughout his deployment. In addition to the Medal of Honor, Michael received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star Medal, and the Purple Heart for his years serving his country. But his greatest legacy is in the hearts of those he inspired to live, and even die, for the sake of brotherly love.

“Michael Monsoor was an exemplary SEAL—a man of great integrity, a skilled warrior, and a loyal teammate. That loyalty led to his willingness to sacrifice his life for his teammates.”

—Dr. Donald C. Winter, Secretary of the Navy, 2006–2009

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About George Monsoor:

George Monsoor is Michael’s father and a Marine veteran. He was born in Wisconsin and moved to Southern California at an early age. He is the father of four children, including Michael, along with nine grandchildren. He has spent more than five decades in the business and entrepreneurial fields and continues to reside Southern California.

About Rose Rea:

Rose Rea has worked with high-end regional and national publications for fifteen years, including founding her own, which she has since sold. She is also the creator of the coffee-table book Spirit and Life. She is a SEAL wife and mother of six children and resides in the South.

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