03 August

HarperCollins Focus Launches New Spanish Imprint HarperEnfoque

(Nashville, Tenn.) July 24, 2023—HarperCollins Focus today announced the launch of a new Spanish-language publishing imprint, HarperEnfoque, led by industry veteran Cris Garrido, vice president and publisher, Spanish division. HarperEnfoque will publish a variety of content dedicated to empowering lives and fostering change. The imprint will include releases by recently acquired authors such as Agustín Laje, Margarita Pasos, Sara Huff, and Pablo Muñoz Iturrieta, as well as best-selling titles from John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Brian Tracy, Daniel Habif, Zig Ziglar, and others.

“Our vision is to hand-select an exclusive number of projects each year that are uniquely positioned to capture the interest of readers through content that challenges and inspires the mind and helps them to change their world,” said Garrido. “HarperEnfoque will be a natural extension of the HarperCollins Focus overall position in the marketplace—one that equips readers to lead a life of significance, integrity, and purpose.”

Garrido continued, “Our goal is to publish unique voices that matter. We will look for authors that challenge the way we think and encourage us to be a catalyst for change, both within our immediate sphere of influence and beyond.”

The first releases published under the new imprint include Pablo Muñoz Iturrieta’s Turn off Your Phone and Turn on Your Brain, Sara Huff’s How to Manufacture a Feminist, and Margarita Pasos’ I Could And You Can Too!. All are slated to release this fall.

HarperEnfoque will be based out of Nashville, Tenn.

About HarperCollins Focus:

HarperCollins Focus owns and operates a collection of publishing imprints, that enlighten and empower readers to transform their hearts and minds, connecting through story, advice, mentorship and community. The company’s mission is to inspire the world with content that equips people to lead lives of significance, integrity and purpose. Current publishing imprints include Blink, Harper Celebrate, HarperEnfoque, HarperCollins Leadership, Harper Horizon, Harper Muse and Harper Select. The company also operates HarperCollins Leadership Essentials, an online community dedicated to accelerating personal and professional development. The company is based in Nashville, TN. For more information go to www.harpercollinsfocus.com.