15 February

BLINK BLOG: Spring Break + Reading Lists

Spring Break is just around the corner so we asked some of our authors about their plans for their time off. Also curious about what’s on their reading list for 2017? Keep reading for the answers!

Spring Break is coming… what are your plans?

Ashley Royer: I’ll be close to graduating high school! I’ll probably be deciding on what college to attend and applying for scholarships.

Christina June: Not working!  Other than that, I haven’t thought that far ahead.  Lounging on a beach sounds nice….

Evangeline Denmark:  I live in Colorado. Whatever Spring Break plans I make will be ruined by snow. Every. Single. Time.

Jonathan Friesen: I know I am speaking a lot over that week, so likely nothing that would impress you. Maybe I’ll go to a tanning booth.

Lorie Langdon: We have no travel plans over Spring Break this year. We’ll plan some fun staycation things like movies, game nights, and the aquarium.

McCall Hoyle: Well, that’s still up in the air. My two children are begging for a trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. I want to stay home, read, write, and drink lots of chai tea. I’ll let you know in a few weeks how it works out. It’s kind of a no-lose situation for me. I’ll enjoy either outcome.

Stephanie Morrill: We’re embarking on a crazy road trip (crazy because we have a toddler who doesn’t like to be strapped into anything for very long!) from Kansas City to Santa Fe, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. This will be our first vacation as a family of five—yikes!

What book release are you most looking forward to this year?

Evangeline Denmark: Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

Lorie Langdon: Normally it would be my own, but my next book, OLIVIA TWIST, doesn’t release until March of 2018. So, I’ll choose my friend Melissa Lander’s book STARFALL!

McCall Hoyle:  That’s a tough one. I like books as much as I like chocolate. I have several author friends releasing books in 2017 that I’m super excited about. I’m excited about all the Blink debuts, but if I really have to pick the one I’m “most looking forward to”, I’d have to say Sarah Dessen’s Once and for All, which comes out in June. I love the complexity of the characters and relationships in her books. I love the way she uses secondary characters to mirror and reflect where her protagonists came from, where they’re headed if they don’t change, and where they’re headed if they learn and grow. I think she’s a genius.

Stephanie Morrill: Kerri Maniscalco’s new one comes out this fall. Her writing style is beautiful. I loved her Stalking Jack The Ripper.