30 September

Merlin’s Shadow —The Journey That Was And Is by Robert Treskillard

So what is Merlin’s Shadow about? I can answer that in one word:


A journey across land and sea — and a journey of the soul. For one person? No. Rather a journey for two that sometimes spans a thousand miles, and a gulf between hearts that is even greater. Two souls in flux. Two souls caught in webs of their own making. Two souls in battle that should, in fact, care for each other. Will they — can they — both survive?

Where Merlin’s Blade takes place completely in one small village … Merlin’s Shadow is a journey. And though book 2 is very different from book 1, I consider it a worthy successor.

Yet the novel isn’t just a journey for the characters … it was also a journey for the author. To write a novel is to delve deeply into the human soul. To cry. To shout. To doubt. To rejoice. To feel your guts wrench as you type the words that pour like sweat and blood from the depths of your heart.

This was a hard book to write!

Yet Merlin’s Shadow has humor! Adventure! Action! Battles! Unique and fantastic characters!

And music, don’t let me forget the music! How many times can music save the day? Let me count the ways…

And some romance, yes! Often thwarted, but not to be denied. Two souls in anguished, loving, misunderstanding. Each doubting themselves where none is needed.

But don’t miss the romancing of the soul, that ever present shadow that hovers so near to your neck that you can feel it creeping closer, closer … closer. Yet when you spin around, it is gone—leaving only the faintest whiff of a great and wonderful Feast.

Or is it the smell of a death so cold that your limbs begin to freeze from the inside out?

Which is it?

This is for you, the reader to decide.

Exactly what is Merlin’s Shadow … ?