Overcoming Impossible

Learn to Lead, Build a Team, and Catapult Your Business to Success

by Robert Irvine, Matthew Tuthill, Robert Irvine, Alan Irving

On Sale: 2023-02-14

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Book Summary

Bursting from cover to cover with wit and wisdom, Nothing Is Impossible is filled with advice, anecdotes, and analysis of failures and missteps that led to breakthroughs, and instructions on how to hone the instincts and skills that every entrepreneur needs to succeed.

About the Book

Includes an audiobook-exclusive interview with the author!

Make achieving your goals and finding success possible with this one-of-a-kind guide by Robert Irvine, popular host of Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible.  Audio book includes exclusive bonus audio content!

Robert Irvine knows a thing or two about business. For over 200 episodes of Food Network’s hit show Restaurant: Impossible, he’s helped failing entrepreneurs make the necessary changes to reverse course and transform their businesses from the brink of collapse to sustainable enterprises. And he doesn’t just talk a good game; Irvine is a successful entrepreneur himself with a family of companies to his credit, from frozen foods and liquor to protein bars, restaurants, a traveling live show, and a namesake foundation that gives back to America’s veterans and first responders.

Now Irvine is sharing the success secrets he has learned along the way so he can help others thrive. As he says in the book: “I’ve always wanted to write this book, and now I finally have enough hindsight to analyze the moves that transformed me from an aspiring entrepreneur to a successful one.” In this book, you will:

  • Learn how to stop micromanaging.
  • Understand what really motivates you, how to be accountable, and how to manage ego.
  • Foster the traits of authenticity and trust into your culture.
  • Change your mindset around technology and social media.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT WITH ROBERT IRVINE: Listen in on a conversation between Robert Irvine and co-author Matt Tuthill, in which they discuss the origins of Overcoming Impossible and delve deeper into several topics from the book, including: 

  • Why employers need to trust their employees totally, and how to build that trust.
  • Why it’s essential to admit mistakes—and have a sense of humor about them.
  • How ego can destroy otherwise great businesses.
  • How accepting seed funding from family and friends can sink your business before it even opens.
  • The value of haters—how they can motivate you and what they can teach you.
  • Why it is essential that you hire people that can outshine you. A’s should never hire B’s. They should always be on the hunt for the A-plus.

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