Where the Wandering Ends

A Novel of Corfu

by Yvette Manessis Corporon

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Book Summary

Now available in paperback at a lower price! Set among Corfu’s picturesque lanes, hamlets, and villas where kings, villagers, and saints all walk the same cobblestone paths, Where the Wandering Ends reminds us of the tenacity of those who have lost everything and the enduring power of home.

About the Book

A vivid, character-driven historical saga set in Greece at the end of WWII and on the verge of the Greek Civil War. Fans of Ariel Lawhon's books about little-known history will love this sweeping, multigenerational story of familial love and loyalty against all odds.

Corfu, 1946: Living in a poor village in northern Greece, 10-year-olds Marco and Katerina are the best of friends. But as their country erupts into war, the two are separated: Katerina's family flees on foot, desperate to find somewhere safe. Marco is sent to one of Queen Frederica's children's villages, her defiant stance against the incoming communists.

At their final goodbye, Katerina and Marco promise to find their way back to the village, and to each other. This haunting childhood vow launches events that will take decades to unravel.

Where the Wandering Ends beautifully blends real Corfiot history with Greek mythology. Spanning multiple decades, this heart-breaking yet uplifting story reminds us of the tenacity of those who have lost everything and the enduring power of home.

"[A] magically crafted story combining history and mythology." -Heather Morris, New York Times bestselling author.


'Corporon, the daughter of Greek immigrants, tells a compelling story spanning six decades in the lives of Greeks living on the island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea . . . Corporon brings to light a little-known part of European history with her fluid prose, attention to detail, and character-driven narrative.'

A soul-stirring tale of love, loss, friendship, family, and fate set amid the ravages of war.

A story about the complexities of people and how, even in the midst of chaos and fear, love shines through.

A sweeping, multigenerational story of love, loss and sacrifice, Where the Wandering Ends is a beautiful journey through time in a war-ravaged, picturesque land of royalty, ruin, and hope.

A tale of homecoming, woven with beautiful threads from history, mythology, and the indelible truths and wisdom of the human heart.

A vibrant tale of family, love and loss, and the hope of new beginnings.

Corfu's beauty, which Corporon describes in sumptuous detail, is juxtaposed against the turbulence and devastation caused by war. Fascinating historical facts and references to mythological Greek tales intertwine with moving scenes, tension-building plot points and surprising revelations to create a powerful, soaring story. This is a spectacular novel about the enduring devotion of family and the steadfast loyalty between friends.

From the hillsides of Corfu to the streets of NYC, Where the Wandering Ends is a sensitive celebration of unconditional love.

Heartbreaking one moment and utterly life-affirming the next, Where the Wandering Ends will open your eyes to a moment in history that should not be forgotten.

Love, hope, courage, and survival thread their way through this magically crafted story combining history and mythology.

Perfect for lovers of historical fiction who are eager to explore a little-known area of twentieth-century history.

Set on the romantic island of Corfu, Where the Wandering Ends is a powerful, emotional tale of recent history, showing the disruption of lives during the Greek civil war.

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