My Two Elaines

Learning, Coping, and Surviving as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

by Martin J Schreiber, Cathy Breitenbucher, Martin J Schreiber, Mike Terry, Michelle Braun, Kristine Haas

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Book Summary

Break through the isolation and helplessness that caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients experience with this intimate story that offers practical advice, support, and hope.

About the Book

Read by the author.

In My Two Elaines, author Marty Schreiber, former governor of Wisconsin, watches his beloved wife, Elaine, gradually transform from the woman he fell in love with in high school, and who diligently supported his political career, to the Elaine who knows she is declining and can't remember how to cook a meal, and finally to the Elaine who no longer recognizes Marty or their children.

One part love story, one part practical advice, this compelling book includes several unique elements:

  • Excerpts from Elaine's journal, recounting her thoughts, concerns, and frustrations as the disease progresses
  • A recurring feature called "What I Wish I'd Known," which provides helpful takeaways for caregivers based on Marty’s observations about what he wishes he’d known sooner and done differently
  • A Q&A between Marty and neuropsychologist Dr. Michelle Braun, to equip caregivers with the right questions to ask and empower them to advocate for their loved ones and their own needs

Beyond sincere, practical advice, My Two Elaines gives the reader permission to feel the full spectrum of emotions, including humor, even in the face of this relentless illness. And the book speaks to anyone touched by this disease--spouse, child, friend, or family member.

Further resources are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.


'My Two Elaines demonstrates beautifully that the journey is not just for the person with the diagnosis but for the spouse and family as well and that it is a journey to not attempt alone and unsupported. [Marty's] discussions will no doubt help those who may be afraid to admit they don't have it all under control. I highly recommend this book. It is a quick read that provides a lot of great advice that will decrease the learning curve immensely.'

'My Two Elaines provides real life lessons about how to cope and survive each day with loving care, particularly when communica-tion is lost. Marty helps caregivers work through their guilt and sheds light on making difficult decisions when professional care is needed for a loved one. Most of all, Marty brings us an amazing story of love, understanding, and hope. It is one of the most moving and powerful stories I've read.'

'At one moment this book is a heart-wrenching account of the devastating toll of Alzheimer's, and the next moment it is a heart rending love story. The minute you are holding your breath at the brutality of the disease, Marty rescues you with a concrete, doable message that can lead to lovely moments of joy. No health-care pro-fessional, family member, or caregiver should be without it.'

'I encourage my fellow health-care professionals to read and share this book.'

'I only wish my father had this book to help him during my own mother's illness.'

'If you or someone you know is a caregiver, this is a must-read. Your loved one really does become a different person. As I learned from my mom's dementia, learning how to deal with her was key to ev-eryone's sanity. There are many helpful hints here.'

'Marty has truly captured the essence of loving and caring for some-body with this disease. His book is insightful, thoughtful, heart-warming, and respectful. Marty's sense of humor and abundant pa-tience surely are a blessing for Elaine.'

'Marty Schreiber has written a book that is invaluable to the Alz-heimer's community. His personal experience (and wisdom gained) as a caregiver is shared in such an honest and impactful way that it should be mandatory reading for all individuals who step forward in this capacity.'

'Marty shares his personal story with dignity and grace. My Two Elaines helps the caregiver realize you must take care of yourself, have a sense of humor, and take advantage of help to survive the stressful days ahead. It is a great resource for families.'

'This book is a godsend for anyone caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's.'

'This wonderful book gives a personal perspective of a couple's jour-ney with Alzheimer's disease as they reach out for help and support. The personal sharing, the compelling development of Marty, and his insights as a caregiver all provide for an important message.'

'To be complete, stories about Alzheimer's disease and caregiving must touch on both defeats and triumphs. In My Two Elaines, Gov-ernor Schreiber stirs the hearts of readers both with great suffering and great love inherent to the caregiving journey, lightening the load with humor. He introduces us not only to the woman he mar-ried and the person she became after Alzheimer's but also to the extraordinary individual who loves them both: her Marty.'

'With poignant clarity and candor, Schreiber provides readers with insight into the often incomprehensible world of a person living with Alzheimer's disease as well as the many challenges faced by family caregivers. My Two Elaines is easily integrated into health-care curriculum, sparking rich discussions related to dementia, caregiving, anticipatory grief, advance care planning, and commu-nity support services. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many learners expressing gratitude for the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the family caregiver experience.'

'Your book is now at the top of my list; written from the heart, rein-forcing, yet honest.'

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