The Zen Mama Guide to Finding Your Rhythm in Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

by Teresa Palmer, Sarah Wright Olsen

On Sale: 2021-04-06

Price: $34.99

Book Summary

The founders of the popular blog Your Zen Mama share their experiences and tips on becoming a mother--while trying to stay zen!--in this practical and beautiful book.

About the Book

Being Zen(ish) is what we call it - and it's the ish that we endorse!

Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen, two moms from opposite sides of the world, are doing their best to raise happy, empathetic children while working, traveling, and maintaining their sanity. With seven kids between them, the founders of the much-loved Your Zen Mama blog know as well as anyone that motherhood doesn't exist in the highlight reel of life, and that finding even a fleeting semblance of calm among the epic ebbs and flows of parenting is usually all you can hope for.

Forget perfection and prepare to get real, vulnerable, and dirty (mostly from guacamole) with Sarah and Teresa as they share knowledge they've collected over the years, from the Your Zen Mama community and expert mentors, as well as being in the trenches of parenthood themselves.

In The Zen Mama Guide to Finding Your Rhythm in Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond, you'll find:

  • Important questions to ask and decisions to make before and during pregnancy
  • Essential guidance from a woman's point of view for conception, pregnancy, and childbirth
  • Nutritional and dietary advice to support the complete health of both mother and baby
  • Practical education about the mother's body before, after, and during pregnancy
  • Science-based methods to promote a mother's healthy body and mind
  • Expert advice from medical professionals, chiropractors, and pediatricians
  • Engaging, accessible advice for every step of the newborn's journey
  • Suggestions and tips for creating a birthing plan
  • Comforting language to address fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, and complicated labor 
  • Access to the Your Zen Mama resource guide

Whether it's dealing with fertility challenges or pregnancy loss, riding out a long and complicated labor, or juggling multiple kids (and work), these mamas have been through it - and have written this book to help you find your own glimpses of Zen along the way.

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  • Imprint: Harper Horizon
  • On Sale: 2021-04-06
  • Pages: 320
  • List Price: $34.99
  • Publisher: Harper Horizon
  • Publication Date: 2021-04-06
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