Our Divine Mischief

by Hanna Howard

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Book Summary

A fantasy YA novel inspired by Scottish culture that is full of political intrigue, coming-of-age drama, and romance.

About the Book

A sweeping YA fantasy inspired by Scottish history and folklore, Our Divine Mischief takes readers on a journey told in three voices: a determined heroine, an outcast young man, and a wish-granting canine. Their adventure spans an island fishing village to the king’s court in a story about identity, belonging, and the love between a human and her dog.

The Goddess Trial is designed to push young people to their edge and mark their coming of age, but Áila LacInis is ready for whatever it brings. She sets sail from her small fishing village to the island of the goddess Yslet, fully expecting a divine encounter, but what she finds is … nothing at all. The goddess is completely absent, and the only thing on the island is a dirty, mangy dog. Suddenly, everything Áila has ever known and believed is upended and her future becomes shrouded in uncertainty.

Hew already completed the Goddess Trial and received the designation of Unblessed. He is an outcast in the village, until he is tasked with assisting Áila through a series of Ordeals the town elders designed to compensate for her failed Trial. For the first time, he has hope he can make something of his life.

Orail isn’t quite sure who or what she is. She remembers little before Áila’s arrival on the island, and now all she knows is that she’ll never leave Áila’s side. But as she begins to realize and remember, she discovers powers—and an identity—she never could have imagined.

Told from three perspectives, Our Divine Mischief is an epic fantasy inspired by Scottish history and mythology that includes political intrigue, a sweeping love story, and an exploration of the powerful bond between dogs and humans.

Our Divine Mischief is:

  • A YA fantasy adventure for fans of Rebecca Ross’s A River Enchanted, Garth Nix’s Abhorsen books, and the Outlander series.
  • Told from three points of view, one of which is a mysterious, poetic canine.
  • Perfect for readers 13 and up.


For the islanders of Fuiscea, everything is determined by the will of the gods. and Aacute;ila LacInis, a fisherman's daughter with tanned skin, green eyes, and dark, curly hair, awaits the moment when the goddess Yslet will tell her what her vocation will be. Only the Unblessed, the most unfortunate people on Fuiscea, are deprived by Yslet of any special aptitude. Among them is Hew LacEllan, a lanky, auburn-haired laborer with an unwavering faith in the gods despite the abuse he faces at the hands of his fellow islanders. To and Aacute;ila's shock, Yslet fails to appear at her Goddess Trial; and Aacute;ila instead is faced with Orail, a strange doglike creature who possesses the power to grant wishes. The goddess's absence means and Aacute;ila must complete a series of intensive Ordeals intended to test the gods' favor. In the process, Hew, and Aacute;ila, and Orail become bound together as three outcasts fighting the limits of tradition. Unfolding through their three alternating viewpoints (Orail's sections are in verse), the story's rich narration is sure to enchant fantasy lovers. While the first half of the novel seems disconnected from the conclusion due to an unexpected redirection of the twist-filled plot, themes of identity and belief are carried throughout a text that's layered with references to Scottish lore. An absorbing exploration of truest friendship and the fulfillment that comes from knowing one's worth.

Our Divine Mischief is a sweeping saga inspired by Scottish lore. Readers journey alongside three intrepid characters, one who is determined to prove her mettle through an exhilarating series of trials, one who is trying to find his worth after being deemed an outcast, and one who has a cold nose, wagging tail, and penchant for speaking in verse. With high stakes underscored by a cozy warmth, Our Divine Mischief explores themes of divine magic and the ways we find ourselves in the least expected places.

Poetic, whimsical, and full of heart. Our Divine Mischief's both tender and fierce, woven with threads of faith, belonging, and the unbreakable bond between a girl and her dog. I loved every word of this romantic tale.

Tender, adventurous, fierce, and free, Our Divine Mischief is a paean to magic, to the gods, to an older and wilder way--and the earnest search for one's place in the world.

This book is about belonging--the place others hold for you and the place you carve out for yourself--and it's about love, in all its human, canine, and divine iterations. Smart, stirring, strange, and lyrical--don't miss it.

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