Daughter of Ruins



A motherless daughter. An Italian prostitute. A mail-order bride. Are these women brave enough to change their fates?

Demitra's mother died in America in the 1930s when Demitra was three years old. Her father took her home to the Greek island of Cephalonia, where she endures a lonely childhood and dreams her dead mother watches over her, like the goddesses she reads about in her mythology books. When Demitra comes of age, she refuses to marry the man chosen for her. Instead, she defiantly begins an affair with a forbidden man who ignites her passion for painting the goddesses she once imagined protected her.

Elena is a beautiful Italian woman who dreamed of a life away from the brothels where she was raised. But opportunities are not meant for daughters of prostitutes and Elena has no choice but to become one herself. When Italy occupies Cephalonia, Elena finds work entertaining the soldiers. Her life on the island is happy and carefree--until the Germans arrive in 1943.

Maria lives in a poor mountain village in 1921 with a loving mother and sister. When her father grows desperate to feed his family, he sends her to America as a picture bride to marry a stranger. Only eighteen years old, Maria is terrified of the journey ahead.

Daughter of Ruins is an all-encompassing tale steeped in the rich history, culture, and myths of Greece. It is a deeply moving story that follows three women as they struggle to control their destinies, fighting to become the women they were meant to be.




"A moving and transporting novel about the possibilities of friendship and fulfillment amidst deep loss. Daughter of Ruins explores the harm caused not just by forces of nature but by damaged souls. A testament to the magic and love that women constantly create in ordinary days and despite extraordinary circumstances.”

—Marian Kamali, bestselling author of The Lion Women of Tehran


The word is spellbinding! Yvette Manessis Corporon makes history feel intimate in this sweeping novel, which goes beyond the Greece you’ve seen in tourist photos and into the country’s tumultuous 20th century. Demetria, who has an artist’s spirit in a time and place that finds such things impractical, finds out what it means to forge her own path. You will be cheering her on.

—Elena Nicolaou, Today.com

"Yvette Manessis Corporon is a wonderful writer of historic fiction. "Daughter of Ruins" is her best book so far. I devoured the book in four days and lost a lot of sleep. I couldn't put the book down when I picked it up each night. The story stayed with me and I kept rethinking each character and the story development. After a week I decided to reread the book to capture more of the essence of the story while I wasn't reading fast to learn the plot. I have never done this before!!!"

—Goodreads review


Yvette Corporon - Harper Muse Author


Yvette Manessis Corporon is an internationally bestselling author and Emmy Award–winning producer. To date, her books have been translated into sixteen languages. A first generation Greek-American with deep family roots on Corfu, Yvette studied classical civilization and journalism at New York University. She lives in Brooklyn with her family where she spends her spare time reading, running, and trying to get into yoga.

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