Every Moment Since

by Marybeth Whalen

On Sale: 2024-10-01

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Book Summary

A small Southern town. An ordinary Saturday night. A little boy disappears without a trace.

About the Book

A small Southern town. An ordinary Saturday night. A little boy disappears without a trace.

Everyone in Wynotte, North Carolina, knows the name Davy Malcor. Knows the video clip of him juggling four balls, "All at the very same time!" Knows the Marty McFly jacket his mother made for his birthday that he wore proudly, and often. But no one knows what happened to him the night he went missing more than twenty years ago.

When the jacket is unexpectedly uncovered, the cold case reopens, and Davy's family is thrust into yet another media storm. But at the heart of the story are four people forever changed by one single night: Thaddeus Malcor, Davy's older brother, created the life of his dreams by writing a bestselling memoir about his family's experience and is enjoying success and notoriety as a result, even if the memoir doesn't quite reveal the whole story. Tabitha Malcor, his mother, is divorced and living alone, advocating for victims' rights and faithfully cataloging her regrets each week, never including her biggest regret of all. Anissa Weaver was just a kid herself when Davy went missing, and her connection to him is one she cannot reveal as she serves as the Malcor family's Public Information Officer. And, long suspected in Davy's disappearance, Gordon Swift has kept his head down and scraped together a decent life. But the new attention to the case makes it impossible to hide from the public, and the past.

With hauntingly vivid prose, Marybeth Mayhew Whalen peels back the curtain on the inner turmoil of those who were left behind in the small Southern community as they pick up the pieces that remain and press forward into the light to find hope and healing.


'EVERY MOMENT SINCE is everything you want in a novel--a gripping story, nostalgia for lost childhood, exorbitant love, a deep sense of place, and page-turning tension. From the opening scene where a child's jacket is found twenty-one years after he's gone missing to the heart-rending conclusion, this story is brought to vivid life with Marybeth Mayhew Whalen's pitch-perfect prose and signature ability to dive into the character's deepest secrets and desires. As the lives of those left behind draw ever closer, we hold our breath to find out the truth. For those who love the work of Taylor Jenkins Reid and Jessica Knoll, you've just found your next book club read.'

'EVERY MOMENT SINCE is unforgettable. Marybeth Whalen takes every family's worst nightmare and uses her amazing talent for exploring the aftermath to bring this story home. How do you go on when there are no answers? What does forgiveness really look like? In telling the story of Davy Malcor's disappearance, she's tapped into a whole new world of emotional family drama. Heartbreaking and suspenseful, this is Whalen's finest work to date.'

'EVERY MOMENT SINCE is a heart-pounding mystery that is sure to leave you breathless. Well-crafted with twists and turns around every corner, Marybeth Whalen's latest is a triumph!'

'EVERY MOMENT SINCE is one of those compelling stories that you keep promising yourself just one more page, then just one more chapter, and before you know it you've plowed through another five chapters and have stayed up well past your bedtime. Fast paced and cleverly written, Marybeth Whalen tethers you deeply into the dark recesses of this story while unraveling the truth behind what really happened to Davy Malcor.'

'EVERY MOMENT SINCE is a masterpiece, an important study of humanity, grief, and especially hope in the aftermath of unfathomable trauma. In her best work yet, Whalen expertly and delicately paints an unflinchingly real picture of what happens to a family and a town when weathered scars are opened anew. EVERY MOMENT SINCE will deeply resonate with all readers. I couldn't put it down!'

'Full of atmosphere and twists and turns, Marybeth Mayhew Whalen's EVERY MOMENT SINCE is a must-read!'

'Marybeth Mayhew Whalen is at her finest in this novel that dissects the harrowing toll on family and community when a child goes missing. This sophisticated and compelling novel establishes Whalen as an unflinching voice in fiction.'

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