The Vanishing of Josephine Reynolds

by Jennifer Moorman

On Sale: 2025-01-14

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Book Summary

Can an entire life be erased by one thoughtless wish that changes a single moment?

About the Book

Can one thoughtless wish erase a life?

Widowed at thirty-five, Josephine Reynolds wishes she could disappear, but her concerned sister convinces her to buy their ancestral home, a Craftsman bungalow in disrepair and foreclosure. It's a welcome distraction, and Josephine can't believe her luck when she finds the home's original door in a salvage yard.

When she installs the door and steps through it, Josephine is transported into 1927, where she meets her great-grandmother Alma, a vivacious and daring woman running an illegal speakeasy in the bungalow's basement. Immersed in the vibrant Jazz Age, Josephine forms a profound bond with Alma, only to discover upon her return to the present that history has been altered. Alma's life was tragically cut short in a speakeasy raid just a week after their fateful meeting.

Josephine has a chilling revelation--her own existence is unraveling/vanishing--and she must race against time to rewrite history. Josephine is desperate to not only save Alma but save her own future in a time-bending journey where past and present intertwine in a desperate battle for survival.

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  • ISBN: 9781400343645
  • ISBN 10: 140034364X
  • On Sale: 2025-01-14
  • Pages: 336
  • List Price: $12.99
  • Publisher: Harper Muse
  • Category 1 : FICTION / Contemporary Women
  • Category 2 : FICTION / Magical Realism *
  • Category 3 : FICTION / Southern