Statistically Speaking

A Novel

by Debbie Johnson

On Sale: 2024-12-03

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Book Summary

When Gemma’s anxiety gets the best of her, she opens her sock drawer and starts counting. Lately, she’s been counting a lot of socks.

About the Book

When Gemma's anxiety gets the best of her, she opens her sock drawer and starts counting. Lately, she's been counting a lot of socks.

As a high school history teacher, Gemma Jones loves the certainty of the past--specific names, solid dates, proven statistics. Maybe that's because her own past resembles a jumbled-up sock drawer, one where it's impossible to find a match.

On paper, Gemma's life is just like any other successful, single thirtysomething. Her students adore her. She lives in a cute beachside cottage next door to the world's sweetest neighbor, Margie. And she's definitely caught the eye of Karim, the resident hot PE teacher at her school. But every day of her life, she can't get one thing out of her mind: the baby she gave up for adoption when Gemma was just sixteen years old.

This is the year that Baby--the only name Gemma has for her little girl--will turn eighteen. And it might be the year she actually meets her daughter face-to-face. Or maybe she already has. Katie, a new student who's moved into the area, shares Gemma's hair color (bright red) and build (long and lean). And BTW--totally random stat--she also shares the same birthday (October 3) as Baby. And they're both about to turn eighteen. What are the odds? But Gemma and Katie's mom are becoming good friends, and Gemma is concerned that their newly minted friendship will unravel fast if Katie is indeed Gemma's birth daughter.

Gemma doesn't know if this will be the year she finds Baby. But maybe, just maybe, it will be the year she finds herself--and finds peace with her life--past and present. And maybe that's what truly counts.


'Debbie Johnson writes stories that make your heart happy. Her words are wise, funny and honest: an arm-around-the-shoulders, a smile through tears and a gentle companion to make sense of life. I adore her books, packed with hope and heart.'

'Emotional, beautiful, wonderful. Debbie Johnson at her finest.'

'Romantic, heartbreaking and packed with Debbie's trademark warmth and wisdom.'

'Uplifting, poignant and very funny.'

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  • On Sale: 2024-12-03
  • Pages: 384
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