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Following his bestselling memoir, It’s a Long Story, Willie Nelson now delivers his most personal and intimate thoughts and stories in Willie Nelson's Letters to America. 

From his opening letter “Dear America” to his “Dear Willie” epilogue, Willie digs deep into his heart and soul--and his music catalog--to lift us up in difficult times, and to remind us of the endless promise and continuous obligations of all Americans--to themselves, to one another, and to their nation.

In a series of letters straight from the heart, Willie sends his thanks and his thoughts to

  • Americans past, present, and future,
  • his closest family members, and
  • his personal heroes, from our founding fathers to the leaders of future generations.

Willie’s letters are rounded out with the moving lyrics to some of his most famous and insightful songs, including “Let Me Be a Man,” “Family Bible,” “Summer of Roses,” “Me and Paul,” and “Yesterday's Wine.”

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Dear America,
This is your old friend, Willie, sending a note to see how you're doing, and to say I'm doing fine. I’ve long believed in the positive idea of being fine, and being committed to a goal of always moving forward. If I’m backing up, it's just to get a running start. Those are words you can live by.

From a hilltop in Texas,
Willie Nelson


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