Every state, town, and holler has its stereotypes.

New Yorkers are rude. Minnesotans are polite to a fault. Southerners are sweet as tea to your face but will murder you with a "Bless your heart" behind your back. And the residents of tiny Bugtussle, Kentucky . . . tussle bugs or something. We don't know.

But what if there's more to these places--many of which most of us have only heard of and never actually visited--than meets the eye? And what if it turns out that the people who inhabit them are just like us?

Join Trae and Corey in this irreverent travel guide that takes you to the smallest of small towns in the South and to major US metropolises. (Or is it metropoli? We don't know that either.) They even hop the Atlantic to review some of them fancy European places that PBS Viewers Like You can't stop yapping about. Chickamauga and Cheyenne, Napa and New Orleans, Seattle and Scotland--no matter where Trae and Corey go, there's something to roast, something to toast, and something to learn about what ties us together as humans.

When it comes down to it, Trae and Corey are just two Southern boys who, by virtue of luck and a little hard work, were lucky enough to see the world beyond Mammaw's front porch. Hilarious and heartwarming in turns, Round Here and Over Yonder is just what we need to make this big scary world feel just a little smaller.