Let's Get Your Child Thriving Again

Healthy Kids Happy Moms

In Dr. Kilbane’s groundbreaking book, Healthy Kids, Happy Moms: 7 Steps to Heal and Prevent Common Childhood Illnesses, you will discover a step-by-step strategy you can use today to transform your child’s health for good.

Healthy Kids, Happy Moms is three books in one.

Part One: Healthy Cell, Healthy Gut, Healthy Child, covers the theory, science and case studies behind Dr. Kilbane’s Program.

Part Two: The 7-Step Program in detail.

Part Three: Recipes that kids love that will get them thriving again.

This book has the answers to why your child has been stuck in the sick cycle and what you can do to reverse it.

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to understand illness, first understand inflammation

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About the author


Dr. Sheila Kilbane is on a mission to transform pediatric healthcare and get one million kids off of meds they may not need. To help spread the word about how profoundly nutrition impacts children’s health, she presents at medical conferences, online summits, guest blogs and regularly appears on wellness podcasts.

  • Board-certified pediatrician
  • Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Featured Speaker at International Medical Conferences

Medical Advisory Board Member for:

  • Food Babe
  • Wellness Mama
  • Easy Real Food
  • Mommypotamus
  • Kitchen Stewardship