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Tis’ the Season for gift-giving! Holiday shopping made easy for literature lovers.  Below is a curated list of Harper Horizon favorites to help you find the perfect read to gift, for everyone on your list! 

A Gift for Music Lovers


From U2 to Carly Simon, the Temptations to TLC, artists describe in their own words how their songs became the soundtrack of your life in this celebration of music featuring original interviews by music journalist Steve Baltin.

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Discover the untold stories and unbreakable bond between country music icon Willie Nelson and his longtime drummer, Paul English.


Willie’s series of heartfelt letters, along with song lyrics to some of his biggest hits--draws upon his incredible seventy-year music career, his love-filled family life, and his role as an American icon and font of wit and wisdom.

A Gift for Those Who Love to Cook

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Cook your way course by course through a delicious Italian American Sunday dinner with the host of the popular web cooking show Cooking with Nonna.


An inspiring, all-American story from the former White House head chef, who made his way from a farm in rural Mississippi to West Point and a twenty-four-year military career, to holding one of the most prestigious culinary positions in the United States.

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Mooncakes and Milk Bread takes you on a culinary adventure through the world of Chinese bakeries, as architect-turned-food blogger Kristina Cho introduces everyone to her unique twists on traditional Chinese baked goods.

A Gift for Creators


Whether you want to improve your photography skills as a hobbyist or start a photography business, this easy-to-follow guide will teach you what you need to grow from beginner to professional.

A Gift for those who Love to Practice Self-Care

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Entrepreneur and influencer Mary Lawless Lee, creator of the popular lifestyle blog Happily Grey, brings her distinctive brand of grit and gratitude to this wonder-filled, photo-rich celebration of life lived in the in-between.


On the brink of superstardom, actor Zachary Levi hit rock bottom and landed in a therapy center, where he finally addressed the underlying issues that led to his downward spiral. Equal parts funny, touching, and powerful, Zachary’s story will inspire readers to transcend the ashes of trauma and pursue meaningful lives of gratitude.

A Gift for Those who Love Health and Wellness


You don’t have to overhaul your whole life to be healthier and happier--every small change can make a big difference.

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Ever struggled with jealousy or comparing yourself to other women? Molly Galbraith can relate. In Strong Women Lift Each Other Up, the cofounder of Girls Gone Strong shares evidence-based, actionable strategies to help readers overcome comparison, and create a better life for themselves---and a world with more opportunity for women and girls.

A Gift for New Parents


Alec Lace, host of the popular parenting podcast First-Class Fatherhood, shares the collected wisdom from dozens of guests, on topics ranging from finances and discipline to faith, service, and self-care.


The founders of the popular blog Your Zen Mama share their experiences and tips on becoming a mother--while trying to stay zen!--in this practical and beautiful book.


This book from the editors of Fatherly, the largest digital brand for dads, is a one-stop source for fathers-to-be, empowering them to be the best parent they can be--with both confidence and joy.

A Gift for Inspiration

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Between the Mountain and the Sky tells the story of Maggie Doyne’s amazing journey from carefree New Jersey teen to mother of over fifty Nepalese children by the age of thirty.

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When US Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor sacrificed his life by stepping in front of a live grenade to save his comrades during Operation Iraqi Freedom, he inspired thousands around the world and reminded us that freedom is never free.

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In this story of family, travel, grief, and endurance, Dr. Calvin Sun encourages readers to say yes to the adventures awaiting them, with a story that proves there’s always hope on the other side of the storm.


Unlock your eco-friendly superpower in this revolutionary call to action, and create a daily practice of sustainability to protect the environment.

A Gift for Your Coffee Table

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Social media’s chicest pup teaches you how to be the most fabulous version of yourself as she shares her story of going from rescue dog to fashion icon.


Meet Syd and Shea McGee, the powerhouse couple behind Studio McGee, the fastest-growing interior design studio in the country. This uplifting guide, filled with insights and wisdom from Syd and Shea’s ongoing journey, shows readers how classic interior design principles can be used to build an authentically beautiful life.