Between the Mountain and the Sky

Between the Mountain and the Sky turns a hopeful lens on the world and shows us what can happen when a single person takes a decisive action to help another and, in the process, changes the lives of hundreds--including her own.

Maggie’s story begins in suburban New Jersey, in a comfortable middle-class family that supports her decision to take a gap year before starting college. During her travels, the trajectory of her life alters when she has a surprise encounter with a Nepali girl breaking rocks in a quarry. Maggie decides to invest her life savings of five thousand dollars to buy a piece of land and open a children’s home in Nepal.

That home becomes Kopila Valley Children’s Home, and eventually, the nonprofit Maggie launches, the BlinkNow Foundation, also starts the Kopila Valley School, which provides tuition-free education for more than four hundred students. Maggie and BlinkNow’s work have been recognized around the world for their innovative, sustainable work.

This book isn’t a how-to for fledging philanthropists or nonprofit founders--it’s a coming-of-age story about a young woman suspended between two worlds, as well as the love, loss, healing, and hope she experiences along the way. 


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About Maggie Doyne

Maggie Doyne

Maggie Doyne is the founder of Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School in Surkhet, Nepal. At nineteen, she used her life savings to build a home for orphaned children in war-torn Nepal. In 2010, she opened a s school for five hundred of the region’s most impoverished children. Now thirty-two, Maggie is the mom and legal guardian of fifty-four children and the founder of the BlinkNow Foundation, which has expanded its programs and come to serve as a model for other sustainability projects and orphan care projects around the world. In 2015, she was named CNN’s Hero of the Year. Her work has been championed by Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Nicholas Kristof and the Dalai Lama, among others.