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Are you worried about the climate crisis? Are you suffering from eco-anxiety? Do you want to help but you're not sure how? Do you want to learn how to make greener choices?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, author and environmentalist Heather White's 60 Days to a Greener Life is the resource you need.

Here's a preview of day 23 on your path to a greener life.

60 Days to a Greener Life

Day 23: Practice the Law of Amplification

In 2017, Robert Kelly, an international relations expert on the conflict between North and South Korea, readied himself for a live BBC interview from his home. Shortly after the cameras started rolling, Robert’s four-year-old daughter, Marion, bounced into his office to see what was going on. Her adorable glasses and now- famous and unmistakable walk showed her exuberance about what her dad was doing. Then, with almost perfect comedic timing, a baby walker appeared in the doorway. Robert’s infant son was ready to join the excitement. Moments later Robert’s wife, Jung-a-Kim, darted in to pull the kids out of the office. As Robert smiled and chortled a “Pardon me” to the announcer, his wife ducked to avoid the camera angle and scurried the kids back through the doorway. As if scripted, she then athletically lunged to close the door behind her. To date, this forty-three-second video clip has fifty-five million views on YouTube.

The joyful essence amplified the moment. It wasn’t staged. It was real life, both vulnerable and funny.

When most of us think about the internet, we focus on the down- sides. Of course, there are legitimate concerns about digital addiction, nature deficit disorder, and all the negativity and shame that abound online—especially during election season. This viral clip, however, shows the powerful force of joy that can be amplified online, even if manufactured algorithms are pushing for more extreme content and negative engagement.

Peer-reviewed psychological studies show that joy is contagious. This finding is the essence of the Law of Amplification, which means that positive actions lead to more positive actions, and that sharing joy inspires others. The Law of Amplification is important to movement building. A 2008 study by Harvard and the University of California showed that happy people amplify their happiness to spouses, neighbors, and friends. Someone who experiences happi- ness and shares it can increase a spouse’s happiness by 8 percent and a next-door neighbor’s by 34 percent. Even better, that positive exchange can extend to three degrees of friends, reaching outside of the happy person’s network.

Sharing makes a difference, and when you share your joyful experiences, the impact of the repeated daily action amplifies. Recruiting friends and family to try out these eco-friendly lifestyle changes creates an opportunity to fight the feeling of being over- whelmed and to take action for a greener world. As more join and our actions multiply, you can help the culture shift.

Have you had a personal experience with the Law of Amplification? What happened and what was the outcome? For example, perhaps a friend shared a social media message or inspiring story that made you think differently or take action.

Who can you invite to join your eco-friendly lifestyle changes and help with the culture shift?

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