Customer is Always Wrong

The Customer Is Always Wrong: An Unhinged Guide to Everything That Sucks About Work (from an Angry Retail Guy)

Expanding on the ire-filled, laugh-out-loud viral videos that have made him a (whispered) workplace name, Scott Seiss joyfully eviscerates not only overbearing customers but every annoying aspect of work like purposeless job interview questions, debatable brand values, and the walking human trainwrecks that are our bosses. Scott guides you all the way from first applying to the job, to inevitably gritting your teeth and smiling on your last day when that one manager you despise says, “Come back and visit us!”

With Scott's signature rants, funny anecdotes, and absurd musings, this book celebrates and empowers underpaid and overworked employees with an uproarious, illustrated ode to what we really think about our jobs and the customers that come with them (except the ones who read this book, of course).


What Others Are Saying

"With this book, Scott Seiss proves that he is the voice of a generation. A smart, hilarious, and entirely unemployable generation."

-Randall Park (who very much employed Scottt Seiss)

"Scott Seiss is a hilarious geyser of rage, cynicism and venom, all delivered with a Dundalk accent that could peel paint. I love him."

-Patton Oswalt


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Scott Seiss (aka “Angry Retail Guy”) is a comedian, actor, writer, and, of course, former customer service employee. He’s best known for his viral “Angry Retail Guy” sketches, which have garnered millions of views online. He’s headlined comedy clubs across the country, and, notably, has opened for Patton Oswalt, Joe Gatto, Roy Wood Jr., and Josh Wolf. He was recently cast in the Universal feature Cocaine Bear directed by Elizabeth Banks, as well as Randall Park’s directorial debut Shortcomings. Scott lives in Baltimore, Maryland, when he’s not on tour for his stand-up comedy.


Connect with Scott here.

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