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NASHVILLE, TENN., Oct. 12, 2020 – HarperCollins Leadership is proving that it’s possible to have fun while learning with the release of a new e-learning professional development series “Get Smarter with Dennis Miller.” Developed for professionals in corporate teams or small businesses, the series boasts a unique combination of proven training content and celebrity humor.   

“The need for effective, engaging professional development has never been greater. We are thrilled to partner with Dennis Miller, whose standard of excellence in comedy is matched by his passion for helping people learn and grow,” said Jeff James, vice president and publisher at HarperCollins Leadership. “The ‘Get Smarter with Dennis Miller’ professional development ecourse series sets a new standard for online professional development excellence. By layering Dennis’ legendary sharp humor throughout best-in-class development content, more people will pay attention to and remember what they’ve learned to become more effective in their jobs.”

The “Get Smarter with Dennis Miller” series is self-paced, accessible on any schedule, and contains a variety of images, videos, exercises and resources to engage interest and help with retention. Throughout the program there are mini-quizzes to check subject mastery and upon completion of a program, participants receive a certificate announcing “I got smart with Dennis Miller.”

Content in the series is based on leading-edge concepts from some of the brightest minds in each topic, including HR expert Paul Falcone, management expert Jim McCormick, customer experience guru Micah Solomon and gobal sales trainer Mark Hunter. Valuable content combined with Dennis Miller’s sharp wit and helpful explanations creates a world class way to improve professional skills. The “Get Smarter with Dennis Miller” series currently includes the following modules:

  • —Discover how to navigate some of the toughest employee relations challenges that corporate leaders face every day. This course leads participants through improving team communication, improving formal documentation, strategies to avoid litigation, and inspiring increased engagement.
  • – Discover how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that stem from leading and managing your employees effectively. In this course, first time leaders learn how to build trust and relationships with team members, how to avoid the pitfalls many managers encounter, and how to improve formal documention.
  • —Discover how to create an organization where it’s clear (internally and externally) that customers are the most important part of the business. Participants learn how to retain a higher proportion of existing customers while attracting new customers in a way that is nearly immune to competitors.  
  • – Discover how to become a top-performing salesperson including having the right mindset, how to leverage your greatest assets, how to avoid mind traps that drive focus away from the activities that create value, and how to take the lead with prospects and customers by understanding the process to transform their needs into sales.

“When I met with HarperCollins leadership I could see the approach they were taking and remembered years ago when John Cleese of Monty Python told me how much fun he had adding his own character to corporate training videos,” said Dennis Miller. “Humor opens people’s minds to learn more and retain information but most corporate training videos are flat – just informational with no personality. I had a blast taking great, valuable content and adding humor and entertainment to it.”

For more information about “Get Smarter with Dennis Miller” visit getsmarterwithdennismiller.com.   


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About Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller is the Emmy Award-winning former host of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” a former Monday Night Football host, and one of the most iconic comedians in the world known for his sharp wit, rapid pace, and impressive knowledge of culture, politics, history…and, yes, business! He’s also the host of the popular “The Dennis Miller Option” podcast.


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