20 August

HarperCollins Focus to launch new imprint Harper Horizon

Andrea Fleck-Nisbet named vice president and publisher

(Nashville, Tenn.) August 6,2019—HarperCollins Focus today announced the launch of a new nonfiction imprint, Harper Horizon.

Harper Horizon will publish content that encourages readers to live life by embracing values such as: integrity, optimism, patriotism, family-values, community, respect, sacrifice, creativity, hard work, wisdom and inspiration.  Harper Horizon will be relevant to today’s culture by offering books with rich stories and teachings through memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, lifestyle topics, motivational advice and self-help.

Andrea Fleck-Nisbet, former director of Content Acquisitions at Ingram Content Group, has been named vice president and publisher of Harper Horizon. In her previous role, she was responsible for helping over 10,000 publishers reach readers worldwide by providing various publishing services and access to distribution channels. Prior to Ingram, Fleck-Nisbet was with Workman Publishing in New York for fifteen years, where she held various executive level director and management roles.

As vice president and publisher for Harper Horizon, Fleck-Nisbet will lead the acquisition of author projects and hire a team to support editorial, marketing and distribution of the imprint’s titles.  Harper Horizon is scheduled to release its first titles in the spring of 2020 and plans to release 15-20 new titles each year.

In speaking about the mission of the imprint, Fleck-Nisbet said: “At this point of social inflection, readers are hungry for stories and information that speak to the fundamental principles that unite and drive us: family, work, self-discovery and community. I am eager to put books into the hands of readers that will inspire, entertain and encourage them to fully realize their potential. Harper Horizon is well-positioned from a cultural and geographic perspective to do just that.”

Mark Schoenwald, president and CEO of HarperCollins Christian Publishing and HarperCollins Focus, commented, “Being based in Nashville, our editorial and creative teams have a unique perspective relative to the values and motivations of America’s core. We see opportunity in the general market to provide content that helps our readers better understand the world around them.  I’m impressed with Andrea’s career and experience and know her leadership will help drive the growth of Harper Horizon and our relationships with authors and agents.”

In 2018, HarperCollins Focus was established in Nashville, Tennessee to publish books for the general market that inform, educate, motivate and inspire readers to lead lives of significance and purpose. In addition to the newly-launched Harper Horizon, HarperCollins Focus includes HarperCollins Leadership, AMACOM and Blink young adult books in its portfolio.

HarperCollins Focus shares its corporate office and operational support with the HarperCollins Christian Publishing division, however, it operates as a separate entity.

About HarperCollins Focus: HarperCollins Focus, LLC owns and operates a collection of publishing imprints, that enlighten and empower readers to transform their hearts and minds, connecting through story, advice, mentorship and community. The company is based in Nashville, TN.