14 August

#BlinkBlog Author Spotlight: Alison Gervais (Part II)

As we continue to celebrate the release of The Silence Between Us, we are featuring part two of our “Author Spotlight” with Alison Gervais!

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What kind of impact did writing The Silence Between Us have on you personally?

It may seem silly, but I suppose I didn’t realize just how much of an impact my hearing loss had on me until I was older! I was surprised when my mom told me that The Silence Between Us was her favorite of what I’ve written so far because she saw so much of myself in the story. Writing the book proved to be a good outlet for me to sort of process my childhood in that regard.

What do you hope readers take away from The Silence Between Us?

I hope readers enjoy experiencing the point of view of someone else who’s different than they are. Not everyone experiences the world the same way, and to be able to see that through different lenses can be a great way to learn.

I also hope that readers come away with the knowledge that there is a beautiful and diverse culture behind the Deaf community, and it’s out there right now! Go explore!

How are you reflected in The Silence Between Us (or, how much of you is reflected in the book)?

I’m not actually Deaf like Maya – just Hard of Hearing – but of course my own experiences did work their way into the story. I think that’s something that might be unavoidable for every author. I did face a lot of bullying sometimes, well into my college years, and difficulties finding a job, dealing with employers, etc, but Maya’s experiences throughout the story are also uniquely her own.