15 July

Pre-Order The Silence Between Us

The Silence Between Us, the soon to be released title by Alison Gervais (author of In 27 Days), will be available everywhere on August 13, 2019.

Summary: Deaf teen Maya Harris must navigate a new life—and love—in this #OwnVoices novel from Alison Gervais. When Maya is forced to attended a hearing school, she sets out to prove that her lack of hearing won’t stop her from chasing her dreams or staying true to herself.

We are excited to share that when you pre-order your copy of The Silence Between Us, you’ll be able to get some exciting pre-order incentives you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We’ll send you this cool poster as well as a special video message from Alison.

Email your proof of purchase to [email protected] by August 12 so we can make sure to send you these incentives.

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