23 May

#BlinkBlog Author Spotlight: Christina June (Part II)

As we continue to celebrate the release of No Place Like Here, we are featuring part two of our “Author Spotlight” with Christina June!

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What do you hope readers take away from No Place Like Here?

If they haven’t been in a situation like Ashlyn’s, I hope readers will find empathy.  I want them to be able to see that the person someone presents on the outside may be very different from the one they are on the inside.  And if they have felt like Ashlyn, I sincerely hope they’ll feel powerful.  If one reader reads this book and feels inspired to speak up for themselves, even once, I’ve done my job.

How are you reflected in No Place Like Here (or, how much of you is reflected in the book)?

I think Ashlyn’s introversion comes a little from me.  I’m totally content spending an afternoon reading a good book, like she does.  Also, she and I are both quote collectors! I’ve kept a quote journal since I was fourteen.  It’s hilarious to look back at what I found striking back then versus now.  And, word seems to have gotten around that the very embarrassing zipline scene happened to me in real life, which is true, and also hilarious.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while being a writer?

It’s actually the same thing Ashlyn learns—stand up for yourself.  Do what feels right for you and write fearlessly.  And with that, stand up for others.  We writers have a platform and we need to use it for good.  Spend time listening and observing and when you can, lift up the voices of those who need it.

Any additional thoughts?

I would encourage all readers to find me on social media and share their thoughts about No Place Like Here, and any of my books, with me.  A big thank you to all the readers, bloggers, librarians and teachers who have spread the word—you’re the best!