22 February

#BlinkBlog: Looking Ahead To Spring

It’s been a cold (and long!) winter! We asked our Blink authors what they were most looking forward to this Spring. Read below to see their answers… and share your responses on Facebook and Twitter with us.

It’s been an incredibly cold winter! What are you most looking forward to this Spring?!

Alison Gervais: I’ve been enjoying the cool temperatures on the West coast, so my winter has been pleasantly mild! I’m looking forward to traveling to even more beaches and spending as much time in the sun as I can – while writing, of course.

Annie Sullivan: That polar vortex hit me hard (and broke my furnace), so I am ready for warmth, warmth, and more warmth. I can’t wait to take my dog walking outside. I love warm weather—the hotter the better—and can’t wait to just be able to spend time outside without freezing!

Carol Williams: Every time it gets cold I stay inside. I HATE THE COLD. But there are ways to combat that: go to bed early and read. Make sure your electric blanket is on and that you’re covered with heavy blankets. I do have to leave the house when I teach (boo!) and that makes me look forward to warmth again. I look forward to flowering trees, crocuses pushing up through the snow, and going for walks again. Also, I think my four chickens and one turkey ALSO are looking forward to warmer weather. I’m wishing I knew how to train two of my dogs not to run off when I let them outside alone. Unfortunately, I haven’t done that so I have to go and stand outside in the snow. (sigh)

Christina June: Obviously the release of NO PLACE LIKE HERE on May 21 is top of my list!  I actually enjoy winter and snow and curling up under cozy blankets, but I do love seeing everything get green and being able to ditch my heavy coat and mittens.

Courtney Moulton: This Spring, I look forward to sunshine and green grass, and spreading the word about my new book WARDENS OF ETERNITY!

Heather Hepler: I can’t wait for the tulips and daffodils I planted to come up! I love bulbs – the surprise of them when one morning you step outside and your garden has gone from brown and grey to yellow and pink and orange.

Heather Maclean: I cannot wait to attend TomeCon in Georgia in March! I love meeting readers more than anything, and I’m hopeful that there will at least be buds on the trees and some sunshine!

Jill Williamson: I’m looking forward to starting school! I’ve decided to go to grad school and earn my masters in teaching. I’d like to teach fifth or sixth grade.

Joan Lester: I look forward to FLOWERS. Magnolias are in bloom now in northern California where I live…their fragrance fills the air. I look forward to all the flowering fruit trees coming, and azaleas and foxgloves. The colors!

Kimberly Gabriel: Living in Chicago, I’m eagerly anticipating spring, especially after the -50 degree temperatures we just survived. Springtime gives my family and I a chance to be outside again. I have three young kids who love to be outdoors biking, playing sports, visiting parks, walking along the beach, picnicking, or exploring the city. Regardless of what we’re doing, springtime allows us to release our pent-up energy and be active.

Lauren Mansy: As much as I do love peppermint mochas, I’m beyond excited to put this chilly weather behind us! For me, a perfect spring day is being outside as much as possible. I love taking walks with friends, eating meals out on the patio, and of course, opening all the windows while I tackle some spring cleaning. There’s nothing better after being cooped up inside all winter!

Lorie Ann Grover: I suppose travel for that last bit of ski season. With autoimmune diseases, I’m no longer able to ski with my husband, but I love sitting in the lodges and writing while he hits the slopes. I’m working through a revision of a brand new YA novel, while completing the Firstborn trilogy.

Lorie Langdon: It’s been an incredibly cold winter! What are you most looking forward to this Spring?! I live in Ohio, so I always look forward to the Spring! This year, I’m looking forward to my oldest son’s graduation from high school and a family trip we are planning to celebrate!

MarcyKate Connolly: Going to the park with my toddler. I cannot wait to explore with him. The spring will also bring lots of bookish fun and events such as TLA and BEA which I’m very excited about!

Maureen McQuerry: This is the snowiest Feb in the history of Richland, WA, the town where I currently live. I love the snow, but I’m looking forward to the first green leaves on the trees, hiking in the mountains, and traveling without worrying about road conditions. Truthfully, I have terrible spring allergies!  Spring is beautiful, but I’m  tempted to wear a bubble helmet to filter out all the pollen. Upside: I’ve started allergy shots again and that might help. Downside, I’ve started allergy shots again. Are there any other allergy sufferers out there? I worry the plants might kill us all. Hey, that might be a good plot for my next book.

McCall Hoyle: Three words: sun, sun, and more sun! Not only has it been really cold this winter. It’s also been really rainy here in Georgia. But the birds are coming back. The sun is rising earlier, and it’s setting later. So yay!

Stephanie Morrill: I’m looking forward to going for runs outside again and letting my treadmill gather some dust!