12 November

#BlinkBlog: Reaching Your Goals

There’s never a bad time to set a new goal – or revisit past ones.

We asked our authors “What’s been inspiring you to reach your goals lately?” – read below for their answers!

Alison Gervais: Things have been tough lately. My husband has been gone at Basic Military Training for the past few weeks, and it’ll be a while until he’s home again. So I’m trying to stay upbeat and positive and stay focused on any day to day task, but that’s easier said than done. It sounds silly, but everything he’s doing right now is sort of inspiring me to just keep moving forward in my own way.

Annie Sullivan: Having A Touch of Gold be released into the world showed that I can reach my goals, so knowing I’ve reached something that I thought was impossible once means I can do it again. It’s all about looking at how far you’ve come and not how far you have left to go!

Christina June: It’s always the readers.  Knowing that my books have been important in someone’s life helps me keep going when things feel grim.  Publishing is not for the faint of heart, but reminding myself why I do this and that there are readers looking forward to more from me is really motivating.

Heather Hepler: Lately we’ve been taking in stray dogs and cats and fostering them until we can find homes for them. Seeing their little faces and how happy they are to have food and shelter and people who love the has helped me to be grateful and careful with everything I have. It inspires me to keep reaching for the things in front of me.

Laurie Boyle Crompton: Deadlines! Ha! Actually, when I’m feeling passionate about a project I can be pretty driven, and if I’m not feeling passionate, well, I just need to find that hook that grabs my interest and gets me inspired! Trying to drum up enthusiasm for something I don’t feel strongly about is torture, which is why the books I write are always FUN ones!

Maureen McQuerry: My critique group. They keep me on track, encourage me when I’m in the mire.

McCall Hoyle: Reading for pleasure gives me great joy and motivates me to write my own stories.

Stephanie Morrill: I love Andy Stanley’s quote, “Decision by decision, you are writing your life story.” When I’m feeling unmotivated, I often ask myself, “What story do I want to tell about my morning? Do I want my story to be that I vegged in front of Netflix all morning?” Usually, that gets me back on track!

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