05 November

#BlinkBlog: Favorite Childhood Memories

Another Monday means another new #BlinkBlog!! Some of the Blink family shared their favorite childhood memories from fall. Read below to see what they had to say!

Alison Gervais: I’ve always loved anything to do with autumn, so I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to any one memory. Sorry!

Annie Sullivan: I loved playing in leaf piles as a kid and carving pumpkins for Halloween because my family would all get together and do it.

Christina June: Well, my birthday is in October, so cake comes to mind.  I also always loved riding on the wagon on bales of hay to pick out my pumpkin on our annual trips to the farm.

Heather Hepler:  I loved going to the cider houses and getting jugs of fresh cider straight out of the press. Then we’d sit at picnic tables, eating sandwiches and slices of gingerbread before going on the hayrides and picking our pumpkins.

Laurie Boyle Crompton: I grew up in rural Pennsylvania so we did the whole jumping in piles of leaves routine each year. But we only went pumpkin picking once and lets just say it got pretty competitive. The endless search for the Great Pumpkin would’ve made even Linus feel like we maybe spent a little too much time in that pumpkin patch!

Maureen McQuerry: This memory is from when my own kids were small. As soon as the light began to change and the first feeling of excitement was in the air, we’d run into the yard and do the Fall Dance. We’d leap and spin and laugh and welcome fall. It became a ritual and my kids often invited their friends to join in.

McCall Hoyle: My favorite memories of fall were riding my pony Duchess through North Georgia forests and making up stories in my head about explorers, trappers, soldiers, settlers, and Native Americans.

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