29 October

#BlinkBlog: Fall Favorites

It’s a new week which means it’s time for another #BlinkBlog! Get the scoop below on if your favorite authors dress up for Halloween as well as their favorite things about fall. Come back next week for another fun update!

Do you (and your family) dress up for Halloween??

Alison Gervais: Absolutely! Although not so much now that I’m older. I’ve dressed up as a variety of things for Halloween, including but not limited to:

a Teletubby


Snow White

Luna Lovegood

Fortune teller



Annie Sullivan: YES!!! My birthday is super close to Halloween, so I usually throw a huge costume party! It’s always a ton of fun!

Christina June: Of course we do.  My daughter wants to be a dinosaur this year.  I almost always wear a tiara at school on Halloween.

Heather Hepler: Yes. We always make our own costumes with mixed results. My best was a gnome a few years ago. My son dressed up as a Tusken Raider from Star Wars. We made his head piece from cardboard tubes and paint and yards and yards of cloth. It was awesome.

Laurie Boyle Crompton: The humans in my family are hit-and-miss with dressing up, but our three pups are guaranteed to be in costumes on Oct 31st! So. Much. Cute. (photo attached of course)

Maureen McQuerry: Oh yes! We had amazing costumes ranging from the tooth fairy to the King and Queen of Hearts. I still dress up for Halloween. We also often staged an elaborate mystery party that required people to follow clues all over town. We enlisted friends as actors and positioned them in restaurants, on street corners and on one occasion on a horse as the headless horseman with what looked like a real head under his arm. I could go on.

McCall Hoyle: I’m more of a greet-tricker-treaters-kind-of-girl. And I give really good candy. Think–Twix, Snickers, and Reese’s Cups galore.

Stephanie Morrill: My husband and I don’t, but my kids love to. This year my ten-year-old daughter is Hermione Granger, my eight-year-old son is Harry Potter and my three-year-old son is a cow.

What is your favorite thing about fall? 

Alison Gervais: A multitude of things! I adore the changing leaves, chilly weather, apple picking and hot cider, and Halloween and carving pumpkins of course. My family is really in to Halloween. Watching Hocus Pocusat any opportunity is also a bonus.

Annie Sullivan: My birthday!!! I always have a huge Halloween costume party that is so much fun! I’ve already got my costume ready for this year!

Christina June: Everything!  The leaves turning, the cooler weather, sweaters and boots, all of it!

Heather Hepler: Apples! (And cold weather and fleece and the smell of wood fires. And leaves and pumpkins and did I say apples?)

Laurie Boyle Crompton: I love the summer so much that as fall approaches I look at the beautiful changing leaves and think “My goodness, what a bunch of quitters!” Ha! I console myself by focusing on the one thing that gets me through the sorrow of summer ending: cute boots.

Maureen McQuerry: It smells of new starts. It really should be the new year, not January. with fall comes a tingling sense of excitement, a feeling of possibilities just around the corner. And the light! Fall light is the best light.

McCall Hoyle: Everything–mums, pumpkins, leaves, sweaters, apple cider, chilly nights. Need I say more?

Stephanie Morrill: It’s impossible to pick! Sweaters, boots, the leaves changing, cool evenings that are perfect for a fire pit and s’mores.

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