26 April

Blink Blog: Springtime Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about Spring? Favorite childhood memory from this season? Some of our Blink family answered these questions! Read their answers below!

What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

Alison Gervais:  Honestly I am more of an autumn/winter person, but I enjoy the open availability of outdoor activities that spring brings, like hiking. But there’s always the chance of a spring blizzard here in Colorado, so you never know.

Ashley Royer: I love the warmer weather. The weather is not great yet. It is still snowing and raining constantly in Massachusetts. It is also very cold. I cannot wait for it to get warmer so I am not freezing all of the time.

Evangeline Denmark:  I want to be snarky here and say, “Embracing my Claritin dependence.” Spring is not my favorite season, but despite all the sneezing, it’s nice to see the flowers and trees budding.

Heather Maclean: The chorus of frogs and birds and everything coming back to life.

Jonathan Friesen: The Minnesota Young Writers Workshop. Every year it comes around and I get to meet authors I’ve been lurking after for years! This year Sabaa Tahir and Shannon Hale and Ally Connie and Wayne Thomas Batson will all be coming to Minneapolis in June. Hey, if you are a teen writer, I’d love to see you there too! Blink, can I do a shameless plug? All young authors, check out this

McCall Hoyle: My favorite part of spring is longer days, more daylight, and the fresh scent of new possibilities in the air. When the daffodils bloom and the purple phlox creeps over the crumbling stone wall in our front yard, all seems right in the world.

Stephanie Morrill: I love that in Kansas City it’s warm enough to be outside but there aren’t many bugs yet. I’m so not a bug girl. I also adore daffodils, so I feel great joy in the spring when they bloom.

What’s your favorite childhood memory from spring?

Alison Gervais: My favorite childhood memory from spring is this tradition my family has had for a long time. On the first day of spring break, we would go up to this cute little café in a small town about an hour away from home in California and we would all order apple walnut pancakes. We don’t live in California anymore though, so every year around spring break we pick a new breakfast place.

Ashley Royer: I remember learning to ride a bike in the spring. It was pouring rain, and I was perched in the front window sill. All I wanted to do was learn to ride my bike. My mom and I went outside, and somehow, I learned to ride a bike. I was soaked and cold, but I was so proud of myself.

Evangeline Denmark:  Surviving The Great Pollen War of ’89.

Heather Maclean: Easter basket hunts with my parents. I’m the oldest to 8 kids and my clues were always the hardest, but I loved it.

McCall Hoyle: I love animals and grew up with cats and dogs and horses. Many of my best childhood memories involve my sturdy little pony, Duchess, and long rides through the hills and woods of North Georgia.

Stephanie Morrill: Spring break always felt so exciting to me as a kid, even if my family wasn’t traveling. To me it indicated that the school year was practically over. I was a good student, but I didn’t love school.

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