14 April

BLINK BLOG: Easter Traditions

Easter is this coming Sunday and some of our Blink authors share their family traditions! Keep reading below…

Do you and your family have any Easter traditions?

Alison Gervais: Yes! We go to 9 am mass at our local parish all dressed in our Sunday best, and afterward we spend the rest of the day enjoying family time, a nice dinner, and of course an Easter egg hunt for all my adorable nieces and nephews.

Ashley Royer: I usually go over my grandparent’s house for dinner. We have a little Easter egg hunt, and it is usually mostly money. One egg has $20, I think I found that egg once!

Heather Maclean: We do an elaborate hunt for Easter baskets with clues that vary in difficulty according to your age: anywhere from a riddle to a clue written in binary code. Then we have a team competition, like a mini Amazing Race, where you have to shoot baskets, melt clues frozen in ice, look for the single red Cheerio in a giant box–fun stuff like that.

McCall Hoyle: We love to dye eggs, hide them, and hunt them in the woods and yard behind our house. We go to church and get together as a family–great eating ensues.

Stephanie Morrill: We enjoy church as a family, and we hide eggs for the kids. One of our kids isn’t able to eat candy, so stuffing Easter eggs has become a bit more of a challenge than it once was. Then we have a nice dinner with my parents and my husband’s parents, since we’re fortunate enough to have both families in town. Easter is always a fun, celebratory day.

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