27 December

Blink Blog: New Year's Resolutions and Traditions

The New Year is just days away! What are your resolutions and traditions? We asked some of our Blink authors to share their answers. Keep reading below…

What are your New Year’s resolutions (if any)?

Jonathan Friesen: Floss. I say that and people say, “Eww! You don’t floss?” But I know they probably don’t either. I don’t know why it’s so hard. The floss is right there by the brush. The brush is easy to pick up, but that floss … it’s a battle.

Evangeline Denmark:  

Write a book.

Train Neville the Cat to fight against Lord Voldemort.

Make new friends who have very different backgrounds and experiences than my own.

Come to terms with the fact that I look bad in lavender.

Keep becoming who I was meant to be.

Lorie Langdon: I’m a goal setter, but overarching New Year’s resolutions never work for me. I do better with very specific achievable goals, such as: I will write 1000 words every day this week. Or, I will start out each day this month with scripture and time with God.

Stephanie Morrill: Mine tend to be tweaks rather than major life overhauls. I am very cliché in that I always have something on there about exercising more, and I never follow through.

Christina June: Celebrate launching my debut novel!

Any New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day traditions?

Evangeline Denmark: On New Year’s Eve we play games and do puzzles until midnight, and then we make hats out of tinfoil and wear them out into the street where we inspect our neighbors’ houses for signs of alien invasion. On New Year’s Day we wish we’d never put up our 12 foot Christmas tree.

Lorie Langdon: We are usually invited to a party or two, and sometimes we’ll make an appearance. But as an introvert, I prefer to spend New Year’s Eve at home, playing board games and watching movies with my family.

Stephanie Morrill: We always spend New Year’s Eve at home. At 11, after we’ve watched the ball drop in New York, I start petitioning to go to bed. Now that we have a baby in the house, my husband usually agrees that’s a good idea.

New Year’s Day we loaf around the house. We watch the rose parade, which I find fascinating, and eat a big lunch and play games. Sometimes we take down Christmas decorations, but mostly we just relax.

Christina June: Not really 🙂

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