14 October

Blink Blog: Back To School Tips

We’re celebrating the weekend with another blog from our Blink authors!!

We asked them: What is your best back to school tip to stay focused in the new year?

Keep reading for their answers!

CHRISTINA JUNE: Take time to recharge!  If you work all the time, you burn out quickly.  I tell my students to take at least 15 minutes to themselves each day.

EVANGELINE DENMARK: Ask for help when you need it. There is no shame in needing parents, teachers, and friends to help you succeed. Adults do this every day, so why not you?

HEATHER MACLEAN: I’m a big believer in breaks, in coming home after hours at school, throwing your backpack in a corner, and doing whatever silly unstructured nonsense makes you happy until dinner. Then set yourself up with a reward–a TV show, special dessert–that you only get after you buckle down and do your homework or study. I still abide by this philosophy as an adult!

JONATHAN FRIESEN: Get married. My wife is a focusing guru. Then you’ll have lots of help staying focused whether you like it or not. Now, if you are thirteen that is not a good tip. In fact, for most of you that is probably a useless tip. But it is a tip.

LORIE LANGDON:  Stay organized! Write down every assignment, log in a planner when you need to study for upcoming tests and start new projects, and keep your papers and notes organized by class and date. Being a creative-type, this isn’t easy for me, but I’ve learned if I keep things organized it helps me balance my life. I keep a planner to this day with daily writing goals and all my other publishing responsibilities, as well as, to do lists and goals for the rest of my day.

LUKE REYNOLDS: Breathe deep, get outside, and remember that while school is important, it is only one part of who you are.

(And I believe that deeply even though I am a teacher! 🙂


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