19 September

Blink Authors: Favorite Elementary School Memory?

We take another trip down memory lane this week asking Carol Lynch Williams and Luke Reynolds about some of their favorite memories.

What’s your favorite elementary school memory?

Carol Lynch Williams: When I was young, my mom was preparing to be an English teacher. She brought home tons of books and I read a lot of what she brought home. I was about 10 years old and I had just finished the Wizard of Oz. At the school library, I happened to find that the Wizard of Oz had sequels. Sequels!

I was so excited. I have this memory of kneeling on the floor and seeing all those titles.

And then there was Mrs. Emery. She was my fourth grade teacher. Mrs. Emery told scary stories. She was great.

I’m writing a middle grade novel right now and Mrs. Emery is in my novel. And wrasselers! Girl wrasslers!

Luke Reynolds: Meeting Mercer Mayer when I was in the 2nd grade.

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