08 August

Blink Authors: If you could travel anywhere this summer, where would you go?

We’ve got one final “summer fun” update from the Blink authors! Curious about their dream destination this summer? Keep reading below!

Lorie Langdon: Scotland!!! I’ve written four books set in the mystical land of Scotland, but I’ve never been there. Visiting the Brig o’ Doon – the bridge the DOON series is centered around – would be a dream come true!

Denise Grover Swank: Paris. I fell in love with Paris three years ago and I’ve been back three times.

Jonathan Friesen: Alaska. I need to get there one of these years.

Carol Lynch Williams: Probably New York to visit my agent and editors. And if I’m gonna be in NY, I go out to eat. Then I’d stop in Vermont to see some of my teachers from Vermont College.