11 July

Blink Authors: Favorite Childhood Memories

We asked some of our Blink authors about their favorite childhood memories of summer break! Keep reading below to see their memories, and share yours with us on the Blink Facebook Page!

What is your favorite childhood memory of summer break?

Lorie Langdon: Walking to the library with my mom and then getting popsicles at the convenience store across the street. I couldn’t wait to get all my books home, spread them out on the floor and put them in order of importance. Sometimes I’d start with something new and other times I’d reread an old favorite.

Denise Grover Swank: Going to Colorado when I was eight. I’d never seen the mountains before and I loved them.

Jonathan Friesen: My buddy and me used to sneak onto the golf course near my home at night and go wading for golf balls. We’d wade around in the water holes until we felt something smooth beneath our toes; then we’d dive down and bring it up. Those ponds were filled with leeches and muskrats, and we’d feel those hairy buggers skim our legs. Freaky. But when it stormed, it was the best. For some reason, when it poured and lightning flashed, we just had to go wading for golf balls. Then the next day we’d head back to the course and sell the balls right back to the pathetic golfers who knocked them in the day before.

Luke Reynolds: My four brothers and I always built the BIGGEST sandcastles we could, and then passionately worked to try and prevent the incoming tide from washing them away. (The tide always won, though.)

Carol Lynch Williams: My very best friend was my cousin Kelly (she actually is a character in my first novel KELLY AND ME.) Kelly and I would play kickball with our siblings. We were older, stronger, faster. We won every game.

If we played Monopoly against them, we cheated and won.

There were summers when we would explore parts of old Florida that was filled with rivers and streams. We collected frog eggs and hatched them in the carport. We climbed massive oak trees and would go swimming in the lake on our property. We built a massive raft and floated over the lake. Went fishing. Road bikes.