15 February

Defiance Has a Greater Meaning

Curio was born out of a rebellious streak, insecurities, and girl power. Protagonist Grey Haward sticks out as a girl of large stature in a community of smaller-framed people, and her family’s subversion of Mercury City law only draws more attention. Everything changes when Grey tries to protect her best friend from a dreaded Chemist Council patrol. Extraordinary power courses through her body, and she wakes up the next morning with a strange mark on her skin. After needing to flee from the council, Grey takes refuge in her grandfather’s store, where her touch activates an enchanted curio cabinet that sucks her into another land.

Inside the cabinet world, Grey navigates a society of cruel, beauty-obsessed porcelain people and the clockwork class they oppress. Revolution is brewing in Curio. To get home, Grey must embrace her strength, trust the shadowy Mad Tock, and figure out how far she’ll go to see injustice overturned.

With steampunk flair, fantasy elements, romance, and action, Curio will attract fans of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series. The alternating points of view, including Grey and two male characters, will appeal to a broad audience of teens (An YA-loving adults) looking to see their experiences represented.

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Evangeline Denmark