13 March

ISIS. Tsunamis. Climate Change.

ISIS. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Economic collapse. Political unrest. Terrorists. Antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Nuclear threat. Climate change. In a world that seems increasingly dangerous and frightening, one can more than catch a glimpse of a very dark, potentially horrible future.

I think the rise of dystopian literature is not only based on the success of The Hunger Games—the fact we’re seeking—as a people—to find some hope amidst the rising darkness is a contributor as well. We’re hoping that there will be a way to combat it, squelch it, burn it out.

While writing the Remnants series, my goal was to awaken in each reader three thoughts:

(1) every person on earth was born with unique gifts that could help better their world;

(2) we are more powerful, working together, than alone;

(3) regardless of how it seems, there is always hope.

I wanted every reader to recognize that while there are very scary people and circumstances, we were created to fight for good, to battle evil, and live for others, not just ourselves. If you or people in your life are feeling overwhelmed and are asking, “Why bother, when—?”, I hope that you’ll remember my series, the Remnants Novels.

—Lisa T. Bergren

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