03 February

Firstborn Release par-taaaay by Lorie Ann Grover

Hello, Blink readers! I’m so happy to join you with the upcoming launch of my fantasy, Firstborn. I thought I’d lead off with a few facts, tucking myself into a nutshell. Here goes:

  1. I’m firstborn;
  2. stand five feet, eleven and three-fourths inches tall;
  3. am a former member of the Miami Ballet Company;
  4. previously wrote three novels in verse;
  5. live with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and Sjogren’s;
  6. co-founded readergirlz where we read, reflect, and reach out;
  7. and I love to practice weapons tai chi.

And then a few Firstborn facts:

  1. The work was inspired by an article on gendercide.
  2. Tiadone is a female who is declared male to avoid being killed. Everyone knows she was born a female; her visible amulet marks her as a former female and supposedly suppresses those traits. It’s not a secret.
  3. The work on Perimeter was inspired by Spartan military training of young boys.
  4. I live at the base of Mt. Rainier where there are many red-tailed hawks, Mirko’s inspiration. Along with my wicked Siamese, Yzma. And my new son-in-law, George.
  5. The whole novel was originally written in verse. That was a huge change, getting it into prose.

Now that I’ve introduced myself and my book, I can invite you to my par-taaaay.

  1. For the launch on February 11, 2014, if you share the awesome Firstborn trailer on Facebook or Twitter, or your blog,
  2. like my Facebook Author Page or Twitter and leave a comment sharing your own birth order (feeling free to defend it as best or worst in the world),
  3. and finally, just because you, too, like to read, reflect, and reach out, check out a gendercide site: It’s a Girl, Movie, Global Gendercide Advocacy and Alliance Project, All Girls Allowed,

I will celebrate with you throughout the day and randomly choose a winning entry. That person will receive a signed copy of Firstborn in a box of brand new books. Seriously. A box. 11 books, for the 11th of February.

Firstborn Giveaway.jpg

I’ll post a full list of the authors and titles at my blog. This could rock your own library or a school collection and engender much happiness. J

So what do you think? Can you join me for the launch of Firstborn? After you read it, we can really get into it. For now, go pick out a party hat!

xox Lorie Ann